Happy Valentine's Day, 14th February, love poem, love poetry

If Loving You Is Infectious…

If loving you is infectious,
For me it’s ok, all right.
It all seems dull,
As you are my light.
Sleep escapes away,
And heart veins fight.
A one tight hug,
Only can keep dreams upright.


Is this desperation?
Or a desire for completion.
What is patience?
A test or examination.
How long should I be lonely?
Should I talk to God sternly!
Still you give me a kiss,
That would be an ultimate bliss.


Na…Na…Nah it’s not fantasy.
Believe me you, its pure ecstasy.
It has become passion,
To think about you.
It has become fashion,
To talk about you.
You think it’s crazy, let it be crazy.
But I can’t imagine a life without you.


I jump around…
I move surround…
To deviate myself.
I increase I pod’s sound…
I write diary…
I read poetry…
Still you don’t,
Go away from memory.


Forget about nights,
Even day seems long.
I keep counting our moments,
From dusk to dawn.
My destiny has to turn;
Completely, full on.
As I need your love…
Right now, here on.


Being with you,
Would be an honour.
Seen with you,
Would be a proud matter.
You and me,
Can fly higher and higher.
Hello…I don’t need more,
It fulfills my all desires.

– Kumar Gautam


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