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I Don’t Know

I don’t know…what is it?
How hard I try to forget,
You spring up in my mind.
How hard I convince…you are not that,
You seem better to heart and mind.
How hard I avoid,
You come up in my talk and line.


I don’t know…if I am confused?

But every path I sketch,

I visualize you walking by.
Every dream I crave,
I see you cheering high.
Every mistake I make,
I hear you scolding from corners and sides.


I don’t know…what’s happening to me?

But there’s some juggle in my heart,
Emotions smuggle in thoughts.
I wish to be touched,
I wish to be kissed…
What do you think is this?
By any chance is this love…


-Kumar Gautam

1st Feb’09


1 thought on “I Don’t Know”

  1. Kumar, you are not a kid any more..If you are so confused, come to Guru Jalees and I shall explain to you what love is? It is nothing but a desire to posses.


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